• August 19, 2008 - American Superconductor Corp.
    (Nasdaq: AMSC) is currently trading about 47% off its 52-week high. We have been watching the stock for the past few months, looking for an opportunity to begin accumulating on weakness and we believe that the current level, below $25, looks attractive.
    08/19/2008 by Administrator
  • Aspire Week in Review - Week Ended August 15, 2008
    In an effort to curb gasoline consumption, China's government doubled the sale taxes on the biggest cars from 20% to 40% while cutting taxes on smaller cars. Doubtful that our government will be able to be as efficient, as partisan politics continue to play a dividing role in bringing any coherent and cohesive energy policy to the table for a consensus. Congress will be back from its reprieve in September and the GOP seems to have done a better job strong-arming the Dems into giving on some level of a domestic drilling program, and getting the public to buy into the rationale, as cloudy as it really is.
    08/18/2008 by Administrator
  • This past week we introduced SpectraScience (OTCBB: SCIE) to our readers
    This past week we introduced SpectraScience (OTCBB: SCIE) to our readers, noting that the company is particularly well positioned to address the burgeoning diagnostics and cancer screening industry. Since then, we released an interview that had with Tommy Thompson, former director of Health and Human Services, who, unprompted, said that "SpectraScience has got a tremendous opportunity to be one of the best diagnostic companies in the world."
    08/14/2008 by Administrator
  • Aspire Week in Review - Week Ended August 8, 2008
    Energy debate increased this week with House Republican theatrics calling for Pelosi to return to Congress for a debate on opening up offshore drilling, Senator Obama outlining his energy plan in Lansing Michigan and McCain's camp responding with sarcasm (see comments below). McCain continued his push for opening drilling and embracing nuclear, while visiting Michigan's Fermi 2 nuclear plant. He also expressed his opposition to the $300 billion farm bill and subsidies for ethanol.
    08/11/2008 by Administrator
  • Update Alert and New Target for Hoku (Nasdaq:HOKU)
    August 7, 2008 – Hoku (Nasdaq:HOKU) signed another mammoth supply deal this week worth $284 million over a 10 year period. This is on the heels of a $298 million deal it announced last week, adding up to a total of $584 million in supply agreements. These contracts come at a great time for the business, which is in the process of financing the build-out of its production plant in Idaho, given that both agreements call of immediate payments:

    08/07/2008 by SCP Editor
  • SpectraScience (OTCBB:SCIE) Gets Key Validation of Technology with University of Iowa Order
    With what we believe to be the first of many announcements, "University of Iowa to Begin Using LUMA(R) Cervical Pre-Cancer Imaging Device", we think SpectraScience (OTCBB:SCIE) is a compelling stock, and more timely now that it is demonstrating traction on its announced move from R&D; into commercialization in the multi-billion dollar cancer screening and diagnostic sector. The company designs and develops cancer screening devices that demonstrate a higher degree of sensitivity than current gold standards, which result in more efficiency at the physician's clinic and earlier detection which paves the way for reduced mortality rates through better and earlier treatment. The company announced this week that the University of Iowa will be using its LUMA cervical cancer screening devices at its clinic.
    08/05/2008 by Administrator
  • Aspire Week in Review - Week Ended August 1, 2008
    In the midst of another week of Bush's admonitions to the Democrats about their energy policy platform which is fundamentally opposed to opening up to offshore drilling, an email leaked from his EPA calling for staffers not to respond if contacted directly by the Governmental Accountability Office or EPA inspector general's office.
    08/04/2008 by Administrator

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