We Suggest Covering FSLR June 100 Put and Locking in 66% Gain
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March 29, 2010 – We are suggesting taking profits again on the First Solar (Nasdaq:FSLR) June 100 puts today, which would be an approximate 66% gain on the position we advocated opening back on February 24. Back on February 2, we had suggested selling puts on First Solar into weakness and then to close the position on February 18, locking in a 50%+ gain.

Our rational on the trade has been, and continues to be:

• Belief in the strategy of selling puts on stocks we would like to own at lower prices is a prudent and disciplined way to position build, and doing so into weakness maximizes the premium in doing so;

• Belief that the broader markets are largely overbought and there isn’t much more room to the upside;

• Bullishness long-term on First Solar’s position in the burgeoning solar market;

• Belief that any opportunity to buy First Solar in the $90 range (which is the price we locked in with the Put sale, if the stock moved lower), all things being equal, would be favorable;

• Understanding that if the stock moved back higher we could lock in profits and realize a nice trade (which this strategy has done twice since February 2: 50%+ gain on June 100 FSLR put sold on Feb 2 and covered on Feb 18 and 66% gain on June 100 FSLR put sold on Feb 24 and covered today.

Important Disclosure:

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