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“I am not able to gave up smoking as I am surrounded by chain smokers. Whenever I want to give up I come across with these peoples and they force me to do this which n turn I start smoking. I want to gave up but how I don’t know. If you can help me than please tell me how should I do this?”

I felt very embarrassed and weak when I listen to these of the statements of one of my friends. He wants to come to the right path of non-smoking but he is not able to do that. This is really a terrible situation when you are surrounded with these types of people who are chain smokers.

I think on this matter that how can one quit smoking when everyone around us smokes? I got the answer for this question. I suggest my friend the following steps to do to quit smoking:-

1). Built your self-confidence. The first step you take is to built your self confidence. First make up your mind to quit smoking. Anyone who obliges you the cigarette, ignore him. Don’t take cigarette in your hand and tell the one that “I don’t smoke.” This will surely works after sometime. A Electronic Cigarette

2). Awake people of the consequences of cigarette smoking. Make the people conscious around you the results of smoking. Tell them about the diseases which occurs from smoking like lung cancer, brain disease etc. this will help you a lot in quit cigarette.

3). If the cigarette smoking gives you relax than instead of smoking please take a break from your work for 1 hr and float here and there. This will also relax you from your work pressure.

4). If you are living with roommate and he/she smokes than change the roommate. Because if you inhale other ones smoking then also it will be harmful for you.

5). Try to engage yourself in work and simply forget this thing that you smoke. If you are addict of smoking than try to decrease quantity of cigarettes day by day. at one point you will see that you had completely get rid out of it.

6). Consult to doctor or any organization which tells you how to quit cigarette. This will be very helpful for you. This will definitely work if you apply all the steps as they say.

These were the suggestion I told him to do. And you will happy to listen that he is now very much comfortable after leaving smoking. If you apply all these steps in your life I am sure you will also give up smoking. A Electronic Cigarette

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