Small Cap Pulse Copyright (c) 2008 ExpressionEngine,2008:12:04 SMKG pinksheets.. growing fast,2008:index.php/forums/viewthread/.77 2008-10-16T07:51:43Z stockup SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SMKG) Continues Triple-Digit Growth in September 08 and Month Over Month Compared to Last Year

SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc.(PINKSHEETS: SMKG) announced today that their Prepaid Card loading, Pin Debit and Payment processing volume increased in triple digits to $367,000 USD for the month of September 2008 over September 2007 and over last month, August 2008. The company posted a gain in card loading and payment processing for August upto 10 times larger than last year’s August total and 226% greater than even last month, setting a new payment processing record for the company.

(PINKSHEETS: SMKG) President Bruce Baillio said, “This striking growth is the result of continuing to fill our backlog of prepaid card orders and the launch of our Online Bill Pay service both in Canada and the US. The Canadian market for Online Bill Pay is much less crowded than the US market. The company expects to see exceptional growth in this segment during the next 12 months.

The current uncertainty in the worldwide credit markets is actually stimulating demand for our prepaid products and services. When consumers’ credit lines are decreased, they turn to prepaid cards to maintain the convenience of using a branded card to make purchases, because their credit cards are topped out. (PINKSHEETS: SMKG) is seeking to capitalize on the move from credit to debit transactions at the point of sale and capture a share of the 26.5+ billion (as of 2006) consumer debit transactions.”

We seek safe harbor

Management is determined to become the leader in Online Money Remittance, Prepaid cards and Pin Debit online processing and to set the standard for a secure funds transfer platform with multi-currency settlement capabilities worldwide.”


IT’S EASY BEING GREEN,2008:index.php/forums/viewthread/.31 2008-05-06T09:55:54Z max432 Oh how times have changed. It doesn’t seem so long ago that Kermit the Frog was singing “It’s not easy being green” Not so true these days. Now any company with the GREEN label is sexy and getting high valuations. Let’s start discussing who deserves the valuation and who doesn’t

Growth opportunity,2008:index.php/forums/viewthread/.79 2008-10-16T16:32:46Z stockup 3 stocks with great recovery potential

TRMP at low of .64 52 week high 8.60 2yr high 19.00
SMKG junior with great upside potential 006
EKOJ new shell enviro deal - pending

Evergreen Solar (Nasdaq:ESLR) Deceivingly Cheap at Current Levels,2008:index.php/forums/viewthread/.60 2008-06-12T06:52:41Z SCP Editor June 12, 2008 – Evergreen Solar (Nasdaq:ESLR) is presenting this morning at Thomas Weisel’s Alternative Energy Conference and we decided to take a look at the stock to determine whether it is timely or not. The stock closed yesterday at $9.15, putting it at a P/S (ttm) of 14.12, which is pretty rich. For example, LDK (NYSE:LDK) is holding a 5.78x P/S (ttm), Sunpower (Nasdaq:SPWR) is at 6.87x P/S (ttm), Yingli Green Energy (NYSE:YGE) is at 2.98x P/S (ttm) and Suntech is at 3.82x P/S (ttm). The leader in the midstream solar market in terms of market cap is First Solar (Nasdaq:FSLR) with a whopping 31.85x P/S (ttm). Granted, the P/S (ttm) metric is backward looking and perhaps Evergreen is getting a premium relative to future expectations.

The stock rallied recently to the $12 level when the company announced close to $1 billion in contracts through 2013. This is a big jump from the $78-$79 million posted over the past 12 months which is the number supporting the 14x multiple. The company has intimated that deliveries for the contracts will start this year, so if we factor a contribution of 5% of the recently announced contracts into our forecasts for 2008, then our P/S (2008) multiple comes in at 7.62x, and we come up with a price target at $16.94, a premium of 85% from current levels. The current market cap is only about 1.11x the contracts that ESLR just announced.

We think the stock should move higher from here and would be accumulating at the current $9.38 level.

Disclosure Note: SCPEditor has no position in ESLR.

San Diego Solar Conference,2008:index.php/forums/viewthread/.76 2008-10-15T11:37:55Z Billy Buttz Thought it would only be appropriate to start a new topic since the Solar Conference is in town.  So far I have read a few interesting articles on the web in reference to the conference. If anyone went to the conference I would love to hear what you have to say about the companies and where you see the solar energy industry going from here.

Who wants to talk politics?,2008:index.php/forums/viewthread/.36 2008-05-08T06:08:24Z BluEyez Hillary / Obama / Johnnie - cast your vote!

The Last Debate,2008:index.php/forums/viewthread/.78 2008-10-16T09:19:20Z Billy Buttz Well everyone I didn’t get a chance to watch the whole debate last night but I did manage to watch the recap on San Diego news.  I am not sure how I feel about the two candidates now.  I was in support of Obama but after watching last night McCain made some really strong points.  Either way I decide to vote I hope that the elected president can follow through on his promises. We are in dire need and we have no time to wait to rectify the situation.  I will end it on this note that whomever is elected us Americans need to come together otherwise neither Obama or McCain will be able to implement and succeed as president. Let me know what you think about last nights debate or the candidates. I am always interested in seeing other peoples opinion especially political and religion but we will keep religion out this time.

One Sided,2008:index.php/forums/viewthread/.74 2008-08-11T07:37:14Z BTL Chan Why do you guys continuously kiss Obama’s ass? The man has the backbone of an earthworm and you worship him.

Energy Conversion Devices (Nasdaq:ENER) Should Get Lift From Analyst Day,2008:index.php/forums/viewthread/.75 2008-10-03T06:22:38Z SCP Editor October 3, 2008 – Cowen Analyst Rob Stone released an update this morning on Energy Conversion Devices (Nasdaq:ENER) and reiterated his OUTPERFORM rating, the day after attending ENER’s analyst day. He concluded that “The next 120MW plant location should be announced soon and will ramp in H2:10, boosting year-end capacity to 420MW (vs. prior 300MW). As a result, we trimmed FY09 EPS on increased expenses, and raised F10 on higher MW shipments. We see 60%+ upside vs. the market in 12 months and reiterate Outperform.”

What other analysts are saying:

• September 2 – Janco Partners rates ENER at MARKET PERFORM with price target of $72.
• August 29 – Credit Suisse rates ENER at OUTPERFORM with price target of $86
• August 29 – Ardour Capital rates ENER at HOLD with price target of $68
• August 29 – Jeffries rates ENER at BUY with price target of $98
• August 29 – Piper Jaffray rates ENER at HOLD with price target of $73

Important Disclosure Note: SCPEditor has no position in ENER. The information and trades provided here and in the comments are for informational purposes only and are not a solicitation to buy or sell any of these securities. Investing involves substantial risk and you should evaluate your own risk levels before you make any investment. Past results are not an indication of future performance.

Wind Energy,2008:index.php/forums/viewthread/.17 2008-04-29T07:42:05Z Rundgren What is your opinion on wind energy, and why do you think it is not being pursued with the same enthusiasm as other alternative energy sources?